The commemoration of the September 11th attacks has become a commemoration of the media representation of 9/11. On the fifth anniversary, in an act of incomprehensible navel-gazing non-analysis, CNN rebroadcast their entire day of new coverage from 2001. It was an event of huge cultural importance, a day where many people reacted with strength and courage, and yet, our only public commemoration consists of rebroadcast media imagery. The relentless parade of the same media images covers over our individual memories, and we start to give precedence to the TV or the newspaper's description of that day, not our own.

Two low-resolution enlargements of an iconic photograph, printed on vinyl banner material, hang from the wall. Viewers are invited to cut out a piece and take it with them. This action transforms the photographic image, now an illegible fragment, into an object with an exclusively personal meaning; it becomes important because of the memories we individually associate with it, rather than being part of a media narrative.

Installation with two 44" x 35" prints on vinyl, grommets, scissors, screws, string, and text.

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