Photography is a medium seldom considered in terms of action, though it is by its very nature one requiring the presence and active participation of the author. I explore ways to expose the presence of the photographer in the image, to make the context and motivation of the photograph explicit. The supposition that it is the viewer seeing the image for the first time, the supposed lack of mediation, the pretended absence of the photographer betweenthe scene and the viewer are bound up in the idea of shifting the viewer's focus from the photograph as depiction to the photograph as performance.

Produced while an artist-in-residence at the Contemporary Artist's Center in North Adams, MA, "Making Pretty Pictures" seeks to capture the action of photography imposed upon one of the most romantic genres - the landscape photograph. Freezing the moment in which a piece of the real world is transformed into a trite genre piece, the photograph utilizes mirrors in the scene to cast blame upon the culprit responsible for this transformation, and point ou the staged artifice behind (or in front of) the view.

Archival inkjet prints, framed in editions at 20" x 30" and 11" x 14".
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