Goal: The subway is New York's most shared space.  All residents converge, pulling a core sample from around the stations as they travel. I was interested in trying to capture the change that occurs above ground, around the subway, as expressed by the population within the car.  The car is a constant, unchanging, a datum to measure the flux of the neighborhood that is being served. 

Method: I chose the "A" line because it runs from a mostly black working-class neighborhood in queens through Brooklyn to Wall Street in Manhattan, up through the village, Times Square, the upper-class neighborhoods on the Upper West Side, through Harlem, to end in Washington Heights, another working-class black and latino neighborhood just below the Bronx.  It also has a convenient 37 stops, meaning an entire journey will fit on one roll of film.  Standing at one end of the car, I snapped one frame at each stop after the doors closed, documenting everyone who was onboard at that particular location.  The photos are in order from Far Rockaway, Queens, through Brooklyn to Washington Heights, at the uppermost tip of Manhattan. 

If you look closely, there is one person that is in both the first and last frames.  For some, the subway is more than a linking space.  It is a dwelling.
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